It's Time to Reimagine Civic Engagement

We are redefining what it means to be a citizen.

We are changing the way elected officials relate to their constituents.

We are pursuing freedom for all people and all ideas.

We are America.


American Civil Society is in crisis. The Congress of the United States, made up of the Representatives of the people, has historically low approval ratings. Optimism for the future has been crushed, and each aspect of our lives is increasingly being divided by politics. There is a feeling that change is impossible in Washington. The crisis stems from three major causes:



Citizens are ignorant of how the political process works, but more importantly, they aren't aware of the great effect that the decisions made by people in office have on their daily lives.

Elected Officials

Elected Officials are ignorant of the concerns of the people they represent. To get elected, they make lofty promises, and many have good intentions, but upon assuming office, most politicians get stuck in the whirl of the day-to-day, unaware of how much this hurts the people who elected them.



Feeling disenfranchised by their government, citizens have started to break down into tribes reinforced by political ideologies. Many people see the political opposition as the enemy, someone to destroy, rather than well-intentioned people who might disagree.

Elected Officials

As citizens get more polarized, so do the men and women they elect. Name-calling and accusations fly left and right as politicians don't get what they want. Rather than simply trying to represent people as well as they can, they focus on fund-raising and being re-elected. Rather than trying to work together with political opponents, they dig down and become entrenched.



Frustrated by the system and convinced they have no voice, many citizens choose not to care about the political realm of society. They feel that their efforts would be unable to make a difference, so they don't bother trying.

Elected Officials

After assuming office, money, power, and the status quo distract from the promises made in the campaign. For many politicians, life becomes more about being re-elected and maintaining their status, and they lose the passion they once had.

It's Not Too Late!

We are hopeful for the future and are striving each day to see more people take their rightful place. Each citizen has the right to have a say in the public discourse.

Our Mission

Through activism at the local, state, and national levels, by reaching across our differences and embracing what we have in common, and with the help of digital technology, we will reinvent civil discourse in America to unite this great nation once more.

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